We are all very happy to be able to see the kids playing again! We are working hard to organize the teams, secure gym rentals etc. Please be patient as we work through this process.

We have decided to allow one spectator per player to enter the gyms during either a practice or a game. Please wear a mask at all times, keep socially distant where possible and sanitize your hands often.

We are giving the players in many of our divisions new balls, as well as black shorts and uniforms. These are all keepers. We suggest that you print your child's name and phone number on each item. Uniforms and black shorts must be worn to each game. Lost uniforms can be replaced at a cost of $100. Wash in cold water and hang dry.

We are going with shared practices this fall. Your child's team will share a gym with another team from the same division. They will be able to scrimmage together for part of the practice which all the kids love to do.

We have specific insurance requirements this year. All parents must fill out and sign a liability release form. Your coach will give you this form at your parent meeting. Grade 6/7 and 8/9/10 boys have already done this at evaluations.

The full game schedules will be posted shortly on this website. Click onto the leagues tab at the top of the homepage and then schedule, then your divisions. Check here often as sometimes SD23 will cancel or change gym locations on us last minute.

KMBA has a Covid 19 plan in place. This will also be posted here shortly. This includes asking all the players / coaches etc to wear masks when they enter and leave the school facilities. Also we ask that all players / parents gather outside a facility until the group ahead of you has exited then you can enter. Please remind your kids to leave the gym right away as soon as their practices/games are over.

All of our coaches are volunteers and many are parents stepping up to help out and are new to the game. Any help/assistance you could provide them during the season would be great!

Have a great season!

Matt Briscoe

Fall 2021 COVID-19 Policy

- If you feel sick stay home.

- All participants [Coaches, Players, Officials] must wear masks when entering and exiting schools/gyms.

- Wash and sanitize your hands frequently.

- Social distance whenever possible.

- All coaches to be vaccinated.

- All sr. referees to be vaccinated.

- One spectator per layer allowed in the gym. Masks must be worn 100% of the time. Social distance whenever possible.

- All players/spectators/coaches/ etc. must exit facilities immediately following their practices/games before the next group is allowed to enter.

Fall 2021 Refund Policy:

Grades K to 4

- Full Refund (less $25 admin fee) given up to the start of first game / session and upon return of ball/uniform/shorts.

- NO REFUND after the First game / session.

Grades 5 to 12

- Full Refund (less $25 admin fee) prior to Evaluations.

- Full Refund (less $75) given up to the start of First Game.

- NO REFUND after the First Game.

- Exceptions to this policy will only be made for medical reasons.

Our Outlook

The KMBA believes that basketball is the greatest game on earth and that the life skills successfully learned in this sport can be transferred to any situation in life. Basketball helps develop intellect, physical abilities and character -- the qualities that increase human potential. An active lifestyle filled with physical activity and team sports is important.

Our Focus

The KMBA focuses on the overall development of skill and fundamentals in a fun and welcoming enironment. We do this by allowing players to play all positions to develop a more-rounded game in an environment where players are not afraid to make mistakes. Finding ways to involve all players on the floor and ensuring equal playing time while encouraging positive behaviour at all times makes the KMBA a unique space to learn and play basketball.

Our Programming

The KMBA offers a variety of basketball programs that give players the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the game before using them in live games. The KMBA skill camps and house leagues offer young basketball players a place to be introduced to the game and take the game as far as they would like.