About Us

How it Began

A group of coaches who believed that there was a need for the creation of a minor basketball club organized the KMBA in the fall of 1997. The first board of directors included Bill Lang, Don Wallace, Janice Reid, Patti Buna, Ken Bartel, and Doug Sperling. The KMBA became a member of Basketball BC. In doing so, the Junior Grizzlies programme was adopted. This programme included players in grades 4 through 7. The first year saw memberships of 200 boys and girls. Two years later, the Legends League began for players in grades 7 through 10. The same year a rep programme was started. The Nash League has now replaced the Junior Grizzlies League. The KMBA has now over 2000 playing members.

Why Basketball?

A Canadian, Dr James Naismith, invented basketball. It is the premier sport played in high schools and universities across Canada. Unlike some sports, it requires a high level of skill. This takes time and practice. But boy is it worth it. The KMBA believes in game modifications to facilitate skill development and fun. Basketball is a game not only of athletic ability and skill expertise but also of intellect. It is a challenging game to referee, coach and play. Once involved, many are hooked for life.

Our Outlook

We believe:

  • Basketball is the greatest game on earth
  • Life skills successfully learned in this sport can be transferred to any situation in life.
  • In developing human potential.
  • Basketball helps develop intellect, physical abilities and character.
  • In a life style of athletics and physical activity.
  • We believe in having fun!

And we are focussed on:

  • The overall development of skill and fundamentals.
  • Allowing players to play all positions to develop a more-rounded game.
  • Creating an environment where players are not afraid to make mistakes, as this is how they will develop.
  • Finding ways to involve all players on the floor
  • Equal playing time.
  • Positive behaviour at all times.

School Basketball

KMBA leagues are organized as not to interfere with school basketball programmes. Many of our coaches and organizational staff are also involved in school programmes and would not be available if they did overlap. The KMBA does not promote any one school basketball programme over another. We simply promote basketball.

Our Commitments

We recognize that kids want to play other sports and do other activities. We encourage all players to maintain involvement in a wide range of activities. However, players and parents must recognize that in a team sport like basketball, attendance affects the outcome of the team. It is not fair to other team members if you are not there. The same is true with regard to dedication. Work equals reward. Those who try to develop their skills will have greater success and therefore will experience greater enjoyment. All athletes need to manage their time wisely in order to be successful at several things:

  • Focus On Overall Skill Development / Fundamentals.- Equal Playing Time;
  • Rotate Players From Guard To Forward / Forward To Guard;
  • Be Positive At All Times;
  • Encourage Players Not To Be Afraid To Make Mistakes, That Is How They Will Learn;
  • Find Ways To Involve All The Players On The Floor;
  • Make Sure All Players Get A Chance To Start; and
  • Mix Lines Up / Skill Levels To Encourage Growth.